Spare me the lecture: I have a job


I’ve come to realize in the last year that some people think being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t qualify for an actual job I hope by the end of this you understand that’s not the case.

Wake up. Tip toe downstairs to turn on my noisy coffee pot praying on my way back up the stairs that it doesn’t wake her up. Quickly wash my face, because a morning shower is a thing of the past, throw on some deodorant and back downstairs I go. Let the dog out, feed the cats, start a load of laundry, scoop the litter box and now to pour myself that cup of coffee.

Clothing for momlife

“Moooommmm” I hear in a groggy voice and happy to do so I sit my coffee down, forget about the yoga I was going to do and say “mom’s coming”.

It’s now 8 a.m. Next on my list is changing diapers, making breakfast, loading the dishwasher, cleaning up the mess from breakfast, putting that load of laundry in the dryer that I started over an hour ago, playing patty-cake and picking up any messes from the day before. I look at the clock and think how, how is it possible that it’s already time to do this all over again? It’s now 11 a.m. and time to start thinking about what I’ll fix for lunch. It’s also time to change another diaper, let the dog out again, clean up a mess from another meal, put more dishes in the dishwasher….. you get it it’s never-ending, but its my job. One that doesn’t pay in money and seldom pays in the gratitude it deserves for how hard it actually is. We don’t sit around and watch soap operas, we don’t talk on the phone for hours at a time, we don’t shop till we drop unless Goodwill has some sort of 99 cent sale. We work. Hard.

So if you’re one of the many people in this world that think that being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t constitute you having a job spare me the lecture my friends because you have never been more wrong in your life.

Spare me the lecture: I have a job

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8 thoughts on “Spare me the lecture: I have a job

  1. I can’t like this enough!!!! So many people think being a stay at home mum is a walk in the park…. MY GOD DO THEY HAVE IT WRONG. I tell my partner on the daily, I’ll go to work full-time, you stay at home, he laughs and says “okay”. One day I had an interview I was gone pretty much all morning. I got home and he said to me ” I give you credit, staying at home isn’t easy, its demanding”
    I love love love this!!!

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      1. Since having my son I love staying home with him, but I certainly do miss working somedays… mainly when he’s being a pain. And I agree working is a lovely stroll in the park compared to being a stay at home mum!

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  2. Say it, girl! At least in the job field I get to take breaks and have a boss that doesn’t call for me every couple of minutes lol. Being a stay at home mom you have to keep that whole system (your home) running flawlessly. It’s a thankless job, but I know your family appreciates your dedication.

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