Is President Trump from Oz?

My take on how Trump could wear the costume of most characters from The Wizard of Oz….

1. The Tin Man: In desperate need of a heart. Some people say Mr. Trump has one and a big one at that. I don’t buy it. Maybe he sold it on the black market in one of those “shithole” countries he speaks of?

2. The Cowardly Lion: This ones tricky. One would think that having enough courage to run for president would also have enough courage to apologize for their wrong doings. Unfortunately Presidente el Trumpo has not. Not that I am aware of at least. I have never seen any sorrow or remorse from him on any subject whether it be bribing porn stars or just flat out grabbing them by the p*ssy.

3. The Scarecrow: Oh if he only had a brain. I mean come on. Do I even need to elaborate on this one?

4. Dorothy: A character who lives mostly in a false reality throughout the story. Where the roads are made of gold bricks and the residents of Oz believe she is some sort of hero. She just goes skipping about not knowing that in the real world people are very worried and she is actually no hero at all. Much like Donald.

I could go on and on with every character from the flying monkeys to the wizard himself, but I won’t. I think I have made my point clear with these four. I feel the only hope we have now as Americans is that by some great miracle a giant tornado blows through and drops a house on him. Then possibly someone with a little sense can slip on those presidential shoes and restore a little hope in our nation.

is president trump from oz?/courage

Is President Trump from Oz

Is President Trump from Oz?


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